Therapist for Emotional Dependence

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Beatriz Puche

Counsellor/Therapist specialising in emotional dependence and relationship conflict

Emotionally dependent relationships (whether it is a love relationship, friendship or family relationship) are harmful and based on constant conflict. In these relationships, one person is the one who suffers from emotional dependence and puts aside their own needs to attend to those of the other person. Little by little, they cease to be themselves. On many occasions, the emotionally dependent person is the object of manipulation and psychological aggression on the part of the other person, which can go as far as physical abuse.

Emotional dependence is often rooted in attachment and developmental trauma experienced during childhood. Although in some cases the trauma experienced was severe (e.g., victims of sexual abuse and physical violence), in many others the damage was not so extreme but rather a consequence of growing up in a neglectful and emotionally deprived family environment, where we were not seen and did not feel unconditionally loved.

Beatriz Puche, Counselor Therapist

Beatriz Puche

Accredited Counsellor Therapist

What is the purpose of the therapy

My aim is to help you develop a fulfilling life and healthy relationships, as a result of fostering self-love and self-respect.

In some cases, this will be achieved by letting go of the dependent relationship you are in, while in others it will be achieved by setting clear and consistent boundaries for the other person.
With this goal in mind, you will learn how to:

Set limits and develop behaviors that protect you.

Establish balanced relationships and address unbalanced and abusive relationships constructively.

Regulate your anxiety and anguish levels.

Have a compassionate attitude towards your inner self and towards others.

Beatriz Puche

Counselling therapy

I consider each client to be unique and I tailor counselling and psychotherapy techniques to your unique and particular needs in a warm and supportive atmosphere, so you can feel safe to open up and talk.

My main goal is to help you start living a more fulfilling life. I do this by supporting your general experience, rather than just focusing on traumatic events.

Our therapeutic space will be a non-judgmental environment and a place for you to start being yourself and to share your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


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