My work

Beatriz Puche

How do I work

I am an integrative counsellor, which means that I look at the whole person and take into account their mental, physical and emotional needs. I apply different techniques and tools to tailor an individual approach for each of my clients. In particular, I use:

  • a non-directive person-centred approach that encourages clients to fulfil their own potential,
  • CBT techniques and mindfulness to change negative patterns and an improve state of mind,
  • a psychodynamic approach to work with the unconscious and childhood experiences,
  • the body to understand how the body and mind/brain processes traumatic events to support clients to begin the healing process.
Cómo Trabajo, Terapeuta Counsellor

I consider each client to be unique and I tailor counselling and psychotherapy techniques to your unique and particular needs in a warm and supportive atmosphere, so you can feel safe to open up and talk.

My main goal is to help you start living a more fulfilling life.

 I do this by supporting your general experience, rather than just focusing on traumatic events. Our therapeutic space will be a non-judgmental environment and a place for you to start being yourself and to share your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Trust and confidentiality are the key elements for creating a positive therapeutic experience, which we will use as the foundations for our relationship.

Areas of expertise

I offer therapy in Spanish and English, both short and long term

Stress, anxiety
and depression

Techniques in the therapeutic environment to manage these disorders.

Life transitions

Facing changes and turning them into positive transformations.


Therapy to address traumatic experiences and their impact on relationships, work and body.


We help manage emotions and change attitude positively.


Counselling identifies and helps to solve difficulties in relationship, work or family.