My work

Beatriz Puche

How do I work

I am an integrative counsellor, which means that I look at the whole person and take into account their mental, physical and emotional needs.

The purpose of this therapy is for you to begin to live a more fulfilling life. As an integrative therapist, I treat my clients holistically, taking into account their mental, physical and emotional needs. The first step is to provide you with a warm and safe atmosphere in which we can forge a therapeutic relationship based on trust, acceptance and confidentiality.

My approach integrates the following elements:

  • Attachment theories to analyse the traumas or harmful behaviours and dynamics that affect you today and that, in most cases, originated in the family environment in which you were born and grew up.
  • Different artistic languages (e.g., drawing or writing) and body techniques (e.g., focusing or sensorimotor therapy) to address trauma. Thanks to my specific training in trauma therapy, I have gained a deep understanding of how traumatic experiences impact on our psyche, body, personal relationships, work and spirituality.
  • Cognitive behavioural techniques to create new beliefs and behavioural habits.
  • Meditation, relaxation and mindfulness to reduce depression, anxiety and distress.

Who is the therapy for

This therapy is for you if:

You are in a love, friendship or family relationship in which you are suffering and see no way out.

You live in successive cycles of break-ups and reconciliations with your partner.

You feel incapable of establishing authentic and lasting relationships.

You are a victim of belittling and humiliation.

You are going through a break-up and need psychological and emotional support.

You are or have been in a relationship with a person who has narcissistic or psychopathic traits.

You repeat the same pattern of toxic relationships.

You experience burnout symptoms from putting others' needs before your own.