Why trusting your counsellor?

Why trusting your counsellor?

Author: Beatriz Puche

Confiar en counsellor

Every counsellor is different. However, all counsellors should be respectful and give you time to make your own decisions. Different psico therapists have different approaches and like to focus on different areas and try different techniques. Let the counsellor know if you are not happy about the approach they are taking.

Sometimes counselling can be emotionally draining if it forces you to look at issues you’d rather ignore. In the long run, exploring these issues might be good for you. However, the counsellor will pull back if they feel that exploring these issues is too much for you.

Most services will tell you their confidentiality policy, but if they don’t, just ask. Everything you say is kept confidential in a counselling session. The exception to this rule is if the counsellor feels you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, or if they learn that someone is harming a person under the age of 18.

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