I offer therapy in Spanish or English, both short and long term, and I am specialized in the following areas:

Counseling Therapy for Stress and Ansiety
Therapy for stress and anxiety treatments

Stress, anxiety and depression

The majority of us occasionally feel stressed, anxious or sad. But, when these symptoms affect everyday life, it is important that they are worked through in a therapeutic environment to get to the root of the problem. To do this, I use techniques such as meditation, relaxation or mindfulness. These tools have been proven to be effective in managing these symptoms and are also useful to improve overall health and quality of life.

Therapy for personality disorder
Threrapy for personality disorder

Personality Disorders

These are mental health conditions that affect how people manage their feelings and how they relate to other people. As well as listening and discussing these issues with my clients, I help clients to change attitudes and behaviours.

Therapy for trauma
Therapy for trauma


My specific training on trauma therapy has provided me with a deeper understanding of the impact of trauma on people’s development in their psyche, body, relationships, work and spirituality. I use art (e.g. drawing or writing) and body techniques (e.g. focusing or sensorimotor therapy) to work with trauma.

Therapy for life transitions
Therapy for life transitions

Life transitions

When life changes, especially in a negative way, it is overwhelming for most of us. In my own experience, life transitions are difficult and painful but a great opportunity for learning and positive change.

Specialization Areas


I help my clients to identify issues and problems in their relationships and to find a way through those difficulties. Relationship counselling can cover all relationships, including couples, family and work.

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